Red Wins Gold ⛷🥇America Flips For Gerard 🇺🇸

Red Gerard’s dad said his son didn’t realize the scope of The Olympics, until after he took the Gold snowboard slopestyle, saying; “That generation that really hasn’t watched TV. It was always smartphone stuff. So he never really watched the Olympics. I kept telling him, this is a big deal. You want to do well in it. He said, oh, whatever, X Games is a bigger deal to me. Dew Tour is a bigger deal.” ⛷

Red Gerard’s 1st run was solid but his 2nd run had a hard fall on his tailbone and dropped him to last place…walking off clutching his back in pain, Red’s final run looked doomed, but he’s 17 and teenagers have a tendency to bounce right back up…or at least some do 👇

Eat your Wheaties.

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