Rest In Tweet 😒 Tom Wolfe’s Final Chapter

Tom Wolfe was the consummate New Yorker, born in Richmond, Virginia the tall slender writer who after graduating college with a bachelors degree in English, also had enough skill to get a tryout as a pitcher for the N.Y. Giants…Wolfe lived his life doing what he loved, writing…everyday he dressed in one of his trademark outfits and committed himself to write 10 pages (triple spaced) a day, he once said if he finished in 3 hours he was done for the day adding; “If it takes me 12 hours, that’s too bad, I’ve got to do it.”

Wolfe was the Godfather of “New Journalism”…developed in the 60’s and 70’s “New Journalism” was the first literary hybrid blending the writer’s perspective with long form writing normally read in non-fiction and most importantly, brought the writers from out of the shadows and put them into their article…New Journalism wasn’t found in newspapers then, but rather reserved for the pages of Rolling Stone, Harpers, Esquire and New York magazine.

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