Sam Nunberg Celebrates Happy Hour On Live TV ?

Sam Nunberg was a Trump campaign advisor who rather than meet a 3pm deadline and turn over emails to Robert Mueller, Nunberg instead went on alleged ‘day drink binge’ and appeared back and forth on MSNBC and CNN on a bender where he went off the rails by throwing Trump in front of his own Trump Train.

Nunberg’s legal bills are mounting and his meltdown is easily attributed to that as he kept reiterating he can’t spend “80 hours with Mueller” and how the Russia investigation has bankrupted (due to legal bills) numerous witnesses…Nunberg had a change of heart when he sobered up (allegedly) and agreed to cooperate with the Special Council…and then he’s headed to rehab with a Special Counselor.


Sam Nunberg’s meltdown was also his audition for ‘Dancing With The Stars.’ ??

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