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Sports ~ Anthony Davis’ Trademark Filed Too Late ~ Davis’ Family Greed Isn’t Good ~ Anthony’s Free Benzy??

Anthony Davis was picked #1 in the NBA draft & the 19 year old is more focused with the bottom line regarding the line above his eyes. Davis & his parents immense greed, before he’s even stepped on an NBA court, is the worst message to send for young fans.

Anthony Davis was 10 in 2003 when 1st pick LeBron James got a Hummer from his mother, who secured the car loan based on LeBron’s future earnings, violating the rules for an amateur.Anthony Davis’ trademark greed & already counting the free dollars is a one-way bad luck, bad karma ticket to a career ending injury in his first season.

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Sports ~ Anthony Davis’ Furry ~ Terrell Owens’ Unhappy Ending ~ Lammy Heading Home?

Anthony Davis hasn’t played 1 minute in the NBA yet, but like most of today’s youth – he’s more focused on himself & free money, than earning it playing ball.Davis’ 19 years old skinny frame will get pounded against real men in the NBA & should remind him to also trademark the phrase, ‘Spaghetti Arms.’

Terrell Owens is the only player in history to score a receiving TD against all 32 NFL teams & also the only wide receiver to get caught with his pants down.Terrell Owens could get back in the black financially if he would become an Adult Film Star.

Lamar Odom was the #4 pick in the ’99 draft chosen by the Clippers & the only NBA player who’s a 2 time champ & suspended 2 times for smoking pot.Mr. Kardashian re-joining the Clippers & a healthy Chauncey Billups possibly re-signing would make the Clips too legit to quit.

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