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OJ Simpson Joins Twitter, Vows Revenge & Possibly Violates His Parole ?

OJ Simpson is a free man living in Las Vegas and golfing 24/7 since his release on 10/1/17, but on the 25th anniversary of the murders he escaped charges on, Simpson joined Twitter, saying he had many scores to settle. If OJ decides to single out anyone by name, he’s most likely violating his parole.

The Juice is Loose!

Tweets & Answers? Elizabeth Warren’s Loveline ❤ John Wick’s Endgame ? Chelsea Handler’s Melania Moonshot ?

Elizabeth Warren’s motto of “I have a plan for that”, includes solutions for the opioid crisis, student debt and wage equality. Warren has also introduced a new way to offer individual plans based on voter’s personal needs.

Keanu Reeves’ John Wick franchise has already grossed over $400 million dollars. The 3rd installment had a budget of $55 million and needed to take in $110 million to break even, which it did over its opening global weekend.

Trump’s Space Force will most likely never see the light of the stars, but his concept of putting the 1st woman on the moon is exciting, but won’t win him any female votes.

Avenatti Treads On Nike ⚖️ Attorney Sought Hush Money ?

Michael Avenatti was arrested for attempting to extort $20 mil in hush money (ala Stormy Daniels) in exchange for not exposing Nike’s cash payments to Phoenix Suns player Deandre Ayton and Oregon’s Bol Bol, while they were still in high school.

Avenatti had aspirations on being elected President and his attempted extortion prove he’s fully qualified for the job. 

Mueller’s Report Is Sorry, Not Sorry ?

Mueller’s conclusion over collusion is open to interpretation, according to a synopsis of the report it basically says that if you watch CNN/MSNBC then Mueller found Trump guilty of everything and more, but if you watch FOX News then all is MAGA’nificent.

Mueller’s report isn’t the the beginning of the end, it’s the end of the beginning….Your move, Southern District of NY…

Tucker Carlson Shoots From The Hip & Kills His Sponsors

Tucker Carlson appeared numerous times on Bubba the Love Sponge’s radio show a decade ago and his disparaging remarks about women have come back to bite his sponsors.

Carlson’s advertisers are Tuckered out.