Trump Rally Is Evening At The Improv ? POTUS Brings Borscht Belt To Bible Belt

President Trump is doing what most comedians do in the Summer, they go on the road and perform their new Stand-Up act for their fans…Only with Trump he’s sticking to his greatest hits – Pocahontas, Joe Biden, Fake News and his usual zingers – but did throw in some new bits he’s still working on; like goofing on the ‘Me Too’ movement and a new target, former Republican President George H. Bush.

Children of Trump’s MAGA Movement are leading the next generation towards moving back in time at least two generations.

When Trump is eventually out of office he’ll still be doing rallies that will be broadcast on Comedy Central and Netflix.

Trump is only a few months away from ending every rally with: “You’ve been a great crowd, Try the veal.” 

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