Tweets & Answers ?Chelsea Handler On Kellyanne Conway’s Hatch Catch ?Trump Rates Oscars, Kimmel Rates Trump ?Hillary & Conan Give Black Panther Two Thumbs Up ?

Kellyanne Conway twice violated a seldom imposed law called “The Hatch Act” which forbids any White House employees from pimping a political position or product, but Chelsea Handler knows that according to Trump, 2 strikes equals home run.

Jimmy Kimmel hosted The Oscars for the 2nd year in a row and his ratings (26.5 million viewers) were down 20% from the previous year – which is the same percentage decline as Trump’s approval ratings.

Hillary Clinton was the heir apparent to President Obama and Conan O’Brien was the heir apparent to the Tonight Show’s Jay Leno, but something happened on the way to Wakanda and as a result, Hillary still lives in Chappaqua while Conan lives on TBS.

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