Who Gives A Twit 😂Chuck Woolery’s Impeachment Rules 😂Ann Coulter’s Single In The City 😂Mike Huckabee Crucifies Roy Moore

Chuck Woolery is a yuuge supporter of Trump and shares a lot in common with the President, both are former TV show hosts who tweet non-stop about about the “Russian Hoax.”

Chuck actually laid out 3 valid reasons for Trump’s impeachment: a) Insanity b) Incompetence c) We don’t like you. ??

Ann Coulter turned 56 on Dec. 8th and isn’t feeling the benefits of the GOP Tax overhaul as despite being engaged several times, the Sinister Spinster has yet to walk down the aisle.

Ann Coulter needs a husband she can call her better half to help compensate for her evil side. ?

Mike Huckabee isn’t afraid to tell Roy Moore that God wasn’t voting in the Alabama Special Election, which Moore is refusing to concede after losing by more than 20k votes.

Mike Huckabee tweets the truth, his daughter White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders should try it sometimes. ?

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