Who Gives A Twit? ? Don Squeezes O’Reilly’s Lemon ? Trump Awakens Chuck Todd ? Albert Brooks Enlists Kendall Jenner

Bill O’Reilly tweets daily links to his Facebook page where he criticizes cable counterparts, which is the social media version of sexual harassment.

Don Lemon responded to O’Reilly’s FB post by tweeting him FU.

Donald Trump is tired of all the news about Russia, but according to the President’s tweet, he’s not as tired as Chuck Todd.

Donald Trump’s New York upbringing allows him to nickname opponents like a scene from Goodfellas – just ask: Crooked Hillary, Low Energy Jeb, Pocahontas, Little Marco or Sleepy Eyes.  

Pepsi quickly canned their protest “awareness” campaign featuring Kendall Jenner joining a march that was protesting nothing.

Pepsi is prone to apologies, how many times have you heard: “Sorry, no Coke, only Pepsi, is that OK?”

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